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Former National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations President & CEO Dr. John Duke Anthony was the only American invited to each of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Ministerial and Heads of State Summits from the GCC’s inception in 1981 through 2019.

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From John Duke Anthony:

Publications from former National Council President & CEO, Dr. John Duke Anthony:

Date Title
2020/02/06 Certainties and Uncertainties Regarding Iran, the Arab Region, and the United States: What are the Implications?
2019/12/12 In Memory of Gene Bird
2019/12/10 A Summit Amidst Uncertainties
2019/09/20 At the Cutting Edge: The National Council’s Youth Leadership Development Program / Model Arab League
2019/04/11 The Passing of a Knight: A Remembrance of Shafiq Kombargi
2018/12/07 The Gulf Cooperation Council in the Rear View Mirror and the Front Windshield: Navigating the Shoals of Regional Uncertainties
2018/04/19 Which Way Forward in Yemen and GCC-Iranian Relations?
2018/03/30 Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Visit to the United States: A Personal Perspective
2018/03/19 Continuity Amidst Transformation: Reflections on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Visit to the United States
2017/12/21 The 38th GCC Summit: A Counter-Interpretation
2017/12/12 Statement on the U.S. Presidential Announcement Regarding Jerusalem
2017/08/02 The 1990-1991 Kuwait Crisis Remembered: Profiles in Statesmanship
2017/06/24 A New Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia
2017/05/18 A First Visit: President Trump to Saudi Arabia
2017/05/03 How the World Turns: Saudi Arabia in Transition
2016/12/20 Syria’s Tragedy: A Different Narrative
2016/12/13 GCC-U.S. Relations Under a Trump Administration (with Fahad Nazer)
2016/08/31 Introduction to Is Anybody Listening? by Khalaf A Al Habtoor
2016/05/19 In Memoriam, A Giant Has Fallen: Clovis Maksoud (1926-2016)
2016/05/11 America, Arabia, and the Gulf: At a Crossroads?
2016/05/02 The Establishment of a Gulf Cooperation Council Office in Washington, D.C.
2016/04/22 Arabia to Asia: The Myths of an American “Pivot” and Whether or Not There’s a U.S. Strategy Toward the GCC Region
2016/04/18 President Obama’s Meeting with GCC Leaders in Saudi Arabia: An Opportunity for Heightened Cooperation
2016/03/15 Answering President Obama’s “Free Riders” Allegations
2016/01/19 Riyadh’s View of Tehran: An Accentuated Deficit of Trust
2015/12/29 The Founding of the Gulf Cooperation Council: A Retrospective and Diplomatic Memoir
2015/11/25 Playing Russian Roulette: Russia’s Involvement In Syria
2015/11/18 The Passing of James Alban Bill (1939-2015): An Appreciation
2015/09/03 A King From The East Approaches: Looking at King Salman’s Meeting with President Obama
2015/07/28 Transcript of Interview on the Iran Nuclear Deal
2015/05/12 The GCC-U.S. Summit: An Opportunity for Strategic Reassurance?
2015/04/29 America’s Perspectives On and Benefits From Knowledge Transfer with the Arab World
2015/04/24 Remarks on the Crisis in Yemen
2015/03/20 What Do The Opponents Of A Nuclear Deal With Iran Really Want?
2015/02/19 ISIS, the United States, and the GCC
2015/01/30 Obama’s Latest Visit to Riyadh in Context
2015/01/27 King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Sa’ud: In Memoriam
2014/12/11 GCC Establishes Unprecedented Joint Military Command
2014/12/04 Tenth Manama Dialogue and Regional Challenges (with Dr. Imad Harb)
2014/12/02 New York Times Gets It Wrong on Qatar
2014/06/05 Responses to Questions Regarding the U.S.-GCC Relationship
2014/05/22 The Gulf Cooperation Council: Deepening Rifts and Emerging Challenges
2014/03/11 The United States and the Arab World: Dynamics and Dimensions of a Relationship in Flux
2014/02/18 From Arabia to Asia: Does a Policy Shift Make Sense?
2013/10/31 Saudi Arabia-U.S. Relations Reconsidered
2013/10/09 The GCC As An Opportunity
2012/09/25 Saudi Arabian-U.S. Relations on the Kingdom’s National Day: A Personal Perspective
2012/04/01 The Future Significance of the Gulf Cooperation Council (.pdf)
2012/03/27 Remarks on “U.S.-Arab Relations” at American University
2011/12/05 Saudi Arabian Ambassadors to America in Context (.pdf)
2011/10/12 Challenges Facing NATO in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq (.pdf)
2011/09/22 Charting a New Course for Egypt
2011/09/11 Statement on the Tenth Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 Tragedy
2011/06/30 The Intervention in Bahrain through the Lenses of its Supporters (.pdf)
2011/06/27 The Arab Spring and the Dynamics of American Interests: Implications for U.S. Policies
2011/04/13 Analyzing Transformational Change in the Arab World
2011/03/03 Navigating the Regional Turmoil: Mileposts and Guidelines
2011/02/28 20 Years Ago Today
2010/12/09 The GCC Summit in Perspective: A Conversation with John Duke Anthony
2010/12/06 Remembering Ron Pump (1942-2010)
2010/10/12 Tenth Anniversary Of The Attack On The USS Cole In Yemen: A Retrospective (.pdf)
2010/09/03 In Memoriam: Peter Gubser (1941-2010)
2010/08/04 Strategic Dynamics of Iran-GCC relations (.pdf)
2010/04/21 An institution that groomed interns
2010/04/02 CCAS News – John Duke Anthony (January 2008 through Spring 2010) (.pdf)
2010/04/01 CCAS News – John Duke Anthony (Spring 2010) (.pdf)
2010/01/27 U.S.-Arab/Islamic Relations: Going Where?
2009/12/30 CCAS News – John Duke Anthony (Fall 2009) (.pdf)
2009/12/22 Report from the 2009 Gulf Cooperation Council Ministerial and Heads of State Summit in Kuwait: What Did and Did Not Happen and What Next?
2009/12/10 Yemen Headlined: Contemporary Myths and Empirical Realities
2009/08/27 Senator Edward Kennedy: In Memoriam (.pdf)
2009/04/01 CCAS News – John Duke Anthony (April 2009) (.pdf)
2009/01/15 An American Ambassador’s Farewell to Saudi Arabia (.pdf)
2008/12/28 On the Eve of the GCC Summit: A Conversation with John Duke Anthony (.pdf)
2008/12/01 CCAS News – John Duke Anthony (January 2008) (.pdf)
2008/11/25 The United Arab Emirates: A Pioneer in Political Engineering
[Arabic version]
2008/06/20 War with Iran: Regional Reactions and Requirements (.pdf)
2008/05/14 Lucius Durham Battle (1918-2008): In Memoriam and Appreciation
2008/04/08 Gulf-U.S. Relations: Going Where? (.pdf)
2008/02/01 Economic Development in the GCC Region in Focus
2007/12/11 An American in Qatar: Observations on the 2007 GCC Summit (.pdf)
2007/07/31 Arms for Diplomacy in the Middle East (.pdf)
2006/12/15 The U.S.-GCC Relationship (.pdf)
2006/12/14 Through a Looking Glass Darkly: Perspectives of the U.S.-Gulf Relationship with the Benefit of Hindsight from the Year Before (.pdf)
2006/07/19 King Abdallah’s First Year: A Personal Perspective
2006/01/15 Perspectives on the U.S.-Gulf Relationship in 2005 (.pdf)
2005/11/17 Measuring the Iraq War “Accomplishments” Through the Lens of Its Authors: A Preliminary Assessment
2005/02/10 The Elections in Saudi Arabia (.pdf)
2004/10/05 America and Arabia: Where Matters Stand (.pdf)
2004/06/10 The Attack in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia: Reflections on “Tolerance” (.pdf)
2004/04/05 Qatar and the United States: A View from Doha (.pdf)
2004/04/02 Qatar’s 4th Annual Conference on Free Trade and Democracy: Context and Perspective (.pdf)
2004/02/20 The Gulf Cooperation Council: Strengths (.pdf)
2004/02/19 Has Saudi Arabia Been a Positive Influence in the Middle East? (.pdf)
2004/02/04 The Gulf Cooperation Council: Constraints (.pdf)
2004/01/10 GCC Heads of State Summits: Context and Perspective (.pdf)
2003/11/12 Iraq According to Al-Jazeerah, U.S. Senator John S. McCain, and Dr. John Duke Anthony (.pdf)
2003/07/15 Common Enemy: U.S. and Saudi Arabia Unite Against Terrorists (.pdf)
2003/07/14 From Goodwill to Ill-Will and Back: The Road Less Traveled (.pdf)
2003/07/01 The U.S.-GCC Relationship: ls lt a Glass Leaking or a Glass Filling? (.pdf)
2003/05/31 Mode Rap: Commentary on Mideast Peace Prospects (.pdf)
2003/04/21 In the Wake of ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’: Views from the Region (.pdf)
2003/04/12 Possible Regional Ripple Effects From Iraq (.pdf)
2003/03/31 Iraq: Weighing the Implications of the Unexpected (.pdf)
2003/03/14 Diplomacy and Weaponry’s ‘Tug of War’ (.pdf)
2003/03/12 Oman in Focus: Reflections from a February-March 2003 National Council Malone Fellows Study Visit to the Sultanate of Oman (.pdf)
2003/02/13 The Rift in NATO: Implications for the Alliance (.pdf)
2003/02/01 What’s Going On? Bush’s Meeting with Blair in Context (.pdf)
2003/01/27 A View of the UNMOVIC/IAEA Briefing to the UN Security Council (.pdf)
2002/12/26 In The Shadow Of The Clouds: Assessing The GCC’s 23rd Summit (.pdf)
2002/12/17 The United States and Iraq: Needs, Concerns, and Interests: A Personal Perspective
2002/12/02 The UAE in Perspective: How It Came to Be (.pdf)
2002/11/08 Bahrain Too, Goes to the Polls (.pdf)
2002/10/27 Qatar’s Heightened Profile (.pdf)
2002/10/24 Iraq and the United States: How Threatening a Storm? (.pdf)
2002/09/06 Saudi Arabian – U.S. Relations in Context (.pdf)
2002/08/27 Remarks to the Palestinian Center on Arab-U.S. Relations
2002/08/12 Saudi Arabia: Ally Or Enemy? (.pdf)
2002/08/06 Taking Exception: The U.S. Defense Policy Review Board’s Briefing On Saudi Arabia (.pdf)
2002/07/31 Should The United States Invade Iraq? If So, What Might Be The Consequences? (.pdf)
2002/06/28 Mideastern Gyroscopes (.pdf)
2002/06/24 Passing Brave: Crown Prince Abdallah’s Peace Initiative (.pdf)
2002/06/23 “Saudi Arabia Is ‘Not Cooperating’ With The United States In The Campaign Against Terrorism”: Point And Counterpoint (.pdf)
2002/06/10 Path to Peace in Mideast Needs More Participants (.pdf)
2002/06/01 The United Arab Emirates: Dynamics of State Formation
2002/03/17 Myths And Misinformation: Saudi Arabian And U.S. Statements In Context (.pdf)
2002/03/04 Crown Prince Abdallah’s Foreign Policy Adviser Answers Questions (.pdf)
2002/01/08 The GCC’s 22nd Summit: Security And Defense Issues (.pdf)
2001/12/24 Background On The News: GCC Summit Host — Oman (.pdf)
2001/11/21 Secretary Powell’s Speech on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Assessment (.pdf)
2001/11/02 Arriving Home: Thinking ‘Out of the Box’ on Palestine (.pdf)
2001/08/30 The Intifada, the U.S. and GCC Countries (.pdf)
2001/08/02 Eleven Years Ago Today (.pdf)
2001/07/31 The Impact of the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Intifada on U.S. Relations with Key Arab Countries: The GCC Region (.pdf)
2001/04/24 Springtime in Washington: Mubarak’s Visit (.pdf)
2001/03/08 On Violence In America And Kuwait: The Kuwait-America Foundation (.pdf)
2001/01/31 The GCC’s 21st Summit, Part Two: Defense Issues (.pdf)
2001/01/08 The GCC’s 21st Summit, Part One: Economic Issues (.pdf)
2001/01/06 2000 Year In Review – Qatar (.pdf)
2001/01/05 2000 Year In Review – Oman (.pdf)
2000/12/13 Bush And The Mideast: Advantages And Opportunities (.pdf)
2000/11/30 U.S. Policy And The Intifada: Hurting U.S. Business Interests? (.pdf)
2000/11/25 Yemen And The USS Cole Investigation In Context: A Regional Perspective (.pdf)
2000/11/20 If Bush Wins What Meaning For U.S.-Arab Relations? (.pdf)
2000/11/04 Abdallah Taher Dabbagh (1939-2000): In Memoriam (.pdf)
2000/06/21 Dr. John Duke Anthony Knighted By King Of Morocco (.pdf)
2000/05/01 Egypt And America: Free At Last? (.pdf) [text only version (.pdf file)]
2000/01/06 1999 Year In Review – Qatar (.pdf)
2000/01/05 1999 Year In Review – Oman (.pdf)
1999/11/29 GCC Tariffs En Route to a Common Market and a Customs Union: A Report on the 20th Annual GCC Heads of State Summit – FULL REPORT (.pdf)
1999/11/29 GCC Tariffs En Route to a Common Market and a Customs Union: A Report on the 20th Annual GCC Heads of State Summit – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (.pdf)
1999/11/28 GCC Summit Report (.pdf)
1999/11/04 Lebanon’s Ameen Rihani (1876-1940) and the U.S.-Arab Relationship (.pdf)
1999/10/01 U.S.-GCC Trade and Investment Relations (.pdf)
1999/08/30 Succession In The Emirate Of Abu Dhabi And The UAE: An Assessment Of The Players And The Likely Possibilities (.pdf)
1999/08/03 The Passing Of Morocco’s King Hassan II (.pdf)
1999/08/02 Nine Years Ago Today (.pdf)
1999/07/19 Yemen – Emerging Democracies Forum (.pdf)
1999/07/19 Peace Process (.pdf)
1999/07/01 Whither Saudi Arabian-Yemeni Relations?: Interests and Implications for U.S. Policies (.pdf)
1999/01/29 Perspectives on U.S.-Gulf Relations
1999/01/05 Pied Pipers and Baghdad: The opposition to Desert Fox
1998/12/22 Why Weren’t the Russians, Chinese, and French On Board? (.pdf)
1998/12/18 Bombs Bring No Joy, But Gulf Leaders Blame Saddam
1998/12/11 The united Arab break from radicalism
1998/12/08 GCC summit ushers in a new era
1998/11/10 The Changing Nature of U.S. Interests in the Persian Gulf: Implications for American Policies
1998/10/15 Remarks at the presentation of an International Peace Award to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said
1997/12/30 The 18th Annual GCC Heads Of State Summit: Consultation and Consensus in Kuwait (24 MB) (.pdf)
1997/12/19 The 18th Annual GCC Heads Of State Summit: Summary (.pdf)
1996/12/30 The 17th GCC Heads of State Summit and Aftermath: Whither the GCC? (.pdf)
1996/01/15 The GCC, Iran, and Iraq: Gulf States Deal with Twin Threats to Security (.pdf)
1995/12/30 The 16th Heads of State Summit: Insights and Indications (.pdf)
1995/11/15 Oman: Girding and Guarding the Gulf (.pdf)
1993/11/15 Iran in GCC Dynamics (.pdf)
1993/04/01 NCUSAR President’s Report (Winter 1992 – Spring 1993) (.pdf)
1992/11/01 The Dynamics of GCC Summitry Since the Kuwait Crisis (.pdf)
1992/07/01 After the Gulf War: The GCC and the World (.pdf)
1992/02/24 Kuwait: Reborn and Rebuilt (.pdf)
1991/12/15 Middle East Peace Prospects: Strategies and Tactics (.pdf)
1991/07/02 Wall Street Journal Supplement on Saudi Arabia
1991/04/15 Between the Gulf and the Deep Blue Sea: The Task of Securing The Peace (.pdf)
1991/01/15 Betwixt War and Peace: The 12th GCC Heads of State Summit (.pdf)
1990/11/20 America and the Gulf Crisis: Why Should One Care?
1990/09/05 Letter in Support of President Bush Administration’s Handling of Gulf Crisis (.pdf)
1990/08/24 Statement to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee (.pdf)
1989/07/28 Energy: The Gulf Region’s Engine of Development (.pdf)
1989/07/01 The US and the GCC: Economic Challenges and Response (.pdf)
1989/07/01 Energy: The GCC’s Engine of Development (.pdf)
1989/07/01 The Role of the GCC in Defense and Geopolitical Affairs (.pdf)
1988/10/20 The Gulf Cooperation Council: A New Framework for Policy Coordination (.pdf)
1987/01/15 Oman, the Gulf and the United States (.pdf)
1986/04/01 The Gulf Co-operation Council (.pdf)
1985/08/01 A Darkling Plain: US Views of Gulf Security (.pdf)
1985/07/01 Goals in the Gulf: America’s Interests and the Gulf Cooperation Council (.pdf)
1984/06/05 The Communist Party of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen: An Analysis of its Strengths and Weaknesses (.pdf)
1984/06/05 The Iraq-Iran War and The Gulf Cooperation Council (.pdf)
1984/03/01 Regional and Worldwide Implications of the Gulf War (.pdf)
1982/07/01 Saudi Arabia: From Tribal Society to Nation-State (.pdf)
1981/12/01 The United Arab Emirates On The Occasion Of Its Tenth Anniversary: A Political Analysis (.pdf)
1980/04/28 Eastern Arabian States: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman (with John A. Hearty) (.pdf)
1976 Historical and Cultural Dictionary of the Sultanate of Oman and the Emirates of Eastern Arabia
1975/12/01 The Impact of Oil on Political and Socioeconomic Change in the United Arab Emirates (.pdf)
1975 The Middle East: Oil, Politics, and Development
1975 Arab States of the Lower Gulf: People, Politics, Petroleum
1972/07/01 The Union of Arab Amirates (.pdf)

Interviews with NCUSAR President & CEO, Dr. John Duke Anthony:

Date Title
2018/03/23 ابن سلمان في واشنطن.. زيارة وسط أزمات, Min Washington, Al Jazeera [in Arabic]
2018/03/21 بانوراما: الرياض وواشنطن في مواجهة “حرائق” المنطقة, Panorama, Al Arabiya [in Arabic]
2017/12/06 تغريدات ترامب في بداية الأزمة الخليجية لم تكن صائبة, Al-Raya
2017/10/30 Interview on The John Fredericks Radio Show
2016/06/15 زيارة الأمير محمد بن سلمان تأتي لإعادة التأكيد على عمق العلاقات السعودية – الأميركية وإستراتيجيتها, Alriyadh
2016/06/15 أنتوني: زيارة الأمير محمد بن سلمان لواشنطن جاءت في وقت مهم وحساس, Asharq Al-Awsat
2016/05/24 جون ديوك أنتوني رئيس المجلس الوطني للعلاقات العربية – الأمريكية: نريد تصحيح صورة العرب والمسلمين في أميركا, Al-Qabas
2016/05/23 مبادرة أميركية بتمويل خليجي لإنشاء معهد للثقافة العربية في واشنطن, Asharq Al-Awsat
2016/05/18 ACI ‘can help counter false portrayal of Arabs,’ The Peninsula
2016/05/17 جون أنتوني لـ “الشرق”: قطر أحدثت تأثيرات إيجابية في أمريكا عن العرب والمسلمين, Al-Sharq
2015/07/20 Interview on Al Youm, Al Hurra TV [in Arabic]
2015/05/15 Interview on Inside Story, Al Jazeera English
2015/04/24 Interview with CNN
2014/11/19 Interview with The Lemonade Stand
2014/03/25 Interview on Al Youm, Al Hurra TV [in Arabic]
2013/09/27 Comments on the U.S.-GCC Strategic Cooperation Forum
2013/01/16 U.S. Grand Strategy in the Middle East
2012/06/15 Interview with KSA2 (Saudi Arabian English-language TV)
2011/09/30 Interview with the World Affairs Council-Washington, DC
2011/09/17 Interview with KSA2 (Saudi Arabian English-language TV)
2010/04/24 Interview with Al-Arabiya [in Arabic]
2010/04/20 “Strategy on Iran” on Inside The National, Abu Dhabi Al Emirat channel (Emirates TV)
2009/11/05 CNI: Jerusalem Calling radio show
2009/05/01 This is America with Dennis Wholey
2002/02/04 “U.S. Based Council Keen To Foster Us-Arab Ties” – Emirates News Agency(.pdf)