The Arab-American Language Institute in Morocco

The National Council, in collaboration with The Arab-American Language Institute in Morocco (AALIM), is pleased offer a Summer Arabic Language Study opportunity in the Kingdom of Morocco. Students spend six to eight weeks in historic Meknes for intensive language instruction. Students at all levels of Arabic proficiency, including complete beginners, are encouraged to apply for the program.

Students spend four hours each weekday in formal Modern Standard Arabic classes as well as completing out-of-the-classroom assignments. The AALIM center is host to a community of Arabic learners throughout the summer, providing for a fully immersive program. Students may elect to take an additional three (3) hours per week of Moroccan Darija dialect classes for an additional fee.

Students also gain direct personal experience in Moroccan culture, history, and society through a variety of one-day excursions, local outings, workshops and lectures. Meknes is an ideal setting for students to focus on learning Arabic while exploring ancient and modern Morocco.

The AALIM center is located inside the traditional walled Old City, called the Medina, an area which features heavily in the popular Western imagination of Morocco. Meknes is also a thriving modern metropolis of over one million residents. The AALIM center is just a short walk from the bustling town center in the New City.

For more information, please contact National Council student program staff.