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Summer Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture at Lebanese American University

Lebanese American University

The Summer Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture (SINARC) is a multi-faceted language and cultural immersion program that welcomes students from all over the world. In business for over 18 years, SINARC has quickly become a top choice for Arabic language learners looking to not only improve their language skills but also to gain a true understanding of the cultural and social dynamics in the region.

The SINARC program is hosted each year at the Lebanese American University (Beirut Campus), one of the premier institutions of higher education and research in Lebanon and the region. The campus situated in the heart of the Lebanese capital provides students a unique perspective on Lebanese culture and daily life.

SINARC offers courses in Arabic language and culture at various levels of proficiency. Each level provides twenty hours per week of intensive classroom instruction, including five hours per week of Lebanese Dialect. Formal language instruction is enriched by immersion in an authentic cultural context. Cultural activities include weekly lectures on topics related to Arab and Lebanese politics, history, society, and culture. In addition, students partake in a series of excursions to historical, cultural and tourist sites throughout Lebanon.




Program Dates

The six-week Summer program (June 11 – July 20, 2018) is offered at six levels: Elementary, Upper Elementary, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I, and Advanced II. A separate two-credit course in Lebanese Dialect is also offered at four levels, from Level I to Intensive.



Description Fee
Tuition ($360 per credit) $2,880
Room (double occupancy)* $1,180
Excursions (transportation, entrance fees, one overnight stay) $331
Total** $4,391

*Note: Single occupancy in LAU dorms is $551 extra, depending on availability.

Meals and round trip travel to Beirut, books, and supplies are not included.

Round-trip tickets to Beirut cost approximately $1,200 from New York and approximately $600 from Europe. We urge participants to make travel plans as early as possible in order to take advantage of discounted prices. Participants are required to purchase comprehensive health insurance, unless they can provide evidence of comparable coverage. Emergency health insurance for coverage over the duration of the program may be purchased through LAU upon arrival for $88.

Transportation for arrival and departure between Beirut International Airport and LAU-Beirut is provided to SINARC students (residing at the LAU dorm only) free of charge. Additional transportation needs within Lebanon are the responsibility of students. Taxi and bus services are reasonably priced in Lebanon.

While ATMs are available and credit cards are widely accepted in Lebanon, cash is the most convenient form of currency. American dollars are legal tender in Lebanon. Other currencies are easily exchanged in banks or exchange counters at official rates. The rate of exchange is approximately L.L. 1,500 = U.S.$ 1.

NON-REFUNDABLE CLAUSE: Please note that there will be no refunds on program fees after the start of the session, unless the program is canceled by the University for Unforeseen Reasons.

**Non-refundable deposit (8-week program) is $250.00.


How to Apply

A SINARC application is available through the link below or can be obtained by emailing Emily Bless at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Summer 2018 LAU SINARC Application (.pdf)

Students should submit completed applications to Emily Bless at the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (contact coordinates below) for forwarding to Lebanese American University.

National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations
ATTN: Emily Bless
1730 M St. NW, Suite 503
Washington, DC 20036

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 202-293-6466

Students are admitted on a “rolling” basis. Upon acceptance, SINARC students pay a $250 nonrefundable deposit.


Transfer Credits

Students who register for and successfully complete any of the intensive courses receive eight hours of university credit. On the basis of student performance, LAU provides letter grades, which can be transferred to the students’ home institutions for credit evaluation. LAU is chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.


Lodging and campus facilities


The program takes place entirely at the Beirut campus. Students are housed in air-conditioned, double-occupancy rooms on campus. Single occupancy is available for an extra fee and is dependent on availability. One set of linens, including two towels and a set of sheets are provided and laundered once a week, free of charge, by the university housekeeping staff. Students needing additional sheets and/or those who prefer a more frequent laundering schedule should plan to pack extras and make use of the laundry facilities located in the dormitories. Students need to pack a beach towel.

Campus Facilities

SINARC students are issued student ID cards during the first week of classes. This allows them full access to all campus facilities, including the library, computer labs, language lab and recreational facilities (indoor Olympic-size swimming pool, indoor basketball court, and tennis courts). SINARC students are assigned free email accounts and have free access to the internet throughout the program. All dorm rooms are equipped with internet cable outlets, and student lounges have computer stations available, free of charge for dorm residents. Also, limited kitchen facilities are located in the dorms.



The Institute organizes four excursions to historic and tourist sites in Lebanon, such as the cities of Byblos, Tyre and Sidon, the Crusader, Arab and Roman ruins in Baalbek, Tripoli and Anjar, the Jeita grotto, the Cedars of Lebanon and the historical palaces in Beiteddine and Deir al-Qamar, in addition to a tour of South Lebanon. These tours are carried out as part of the culture unit in each of the courses and are mandatory for all SINARC students.

Excursion fees include transportation, entrance fees, and one overnight stay at a mountain resort (venue to be determined).


Travel and visas

Students should plan on arriving in Lebanon at least one or two days before the beginning of classes for orientation. Transportation for arrival and departure between Beirut International Airport and LAU-Beirut is provided to SINARC students (residing at LAU dorms only) free of charge.

Non-Lebanese citizens are required to obtain a three-month tourist visa.

U.S. citizens and most European citizens can obtain visas at the Beirut International Airport for $35 or L.L. 50,000. Please be aware that visas purchased at the airport must be paid for in cash. (U.S. dollars are acceptable.) Credit cards are not acceptable for purchase of visas at the airport. Visas can also be obtained in advance through the Lebanese Consulates in the countries of origin. Citizens of countries other than the U.S. should check with their embassies for information concerning visas to Lebanon.



SINARC students are required to attend classes Monday through Friday, three hours per day of Modern Standard Arabic and one hour per day of Lebanese Dialect. The total 120 class hours are equivalent to eight credits, which can be transferred to students’ home institutions.

Placement exams will be administered at the beginning of the program to determine each student’s appropriate course levels.

Language courses are supplemented by a cultural component consisting of weekly films and lectures on topics related to Arab and Lebanese politics, history, society and culture, as well as excursions to historic, touristic and cultural sites in Beirut and throughout Lebanon.

The main textbooks used at SINARC are:

  • Alif-Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds (Brustad, et. al.)
  • Al-Kitaab fil Ta’allum al-’Arabiyya: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic, Parts One, Two and Three (Brustad, et. al.)

The courses offered are:

  • Elementary Arabic (8 cr.)
  • Upper Elementary Arabic (8 cr.)
  • Intermediate Arabic I (8 cr.)
  • Intermediate Arabic II (8 cr.)
  • Advanced Arabic I (8 cr.)
  • Advanced Arabic II (8 cr.)
  • Lebanese Dialect, Level I (2 cr.)
  • Lebanese Dialect, Level II (2 cr.)
  • Lebanese Dialect, Level III (2 cr.)
  • Intensive Lebanese Dialect (8 cr.) (Requires sufficient enrollment)


For More Information


or contact:

Emily Bless
National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations
1730 M St. NW, Suite 503
Washington, DC 20036
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 202-293-6466


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