MAL Preparation

Provisional Agenda >>

The Provisional Agenda provides the topics to be debated at each Model Arab League. Be sure to review information about the specific conference you are attending to learn which councils will be included.


Background Guides >>

Background Guides are available to provide an introduction to the topics in the Provisional Agenda and suggest resources for further research. Model Arab League background guides are prepared by the Student Secretariat of the National University Model Arab League.


MAL Handbook >>

The Model Arab League Handbook is the primary resource for the MAL program. The Handbook includes: tips on how to organize a MAL delegation and what to expect at an MAL conference, MAL rules and standards for behavior, tools to understand and learn parliamentary procedure, detailed descriptions of the MAL rules of debate, and other helpful tools and reference materials.


Research Resources >>

Find links to general online resources and Arab League Multilateral Treaties are available on one reference page. There are also country-specific resources, including annotated bibliographies of journal articles for nearly all member states of the Arab League.


Parliamentary Procedure Resources >>

Model Arab Leagues have specific agendas and many delegates who want to convey their country’s positions. To help maintain order, Model Arab League conferences utilize rules of procedure to establish when delegates may speak, what they may address, systems of voting, etc. The Model Arab League Handbook along with other parliamentary procedure resources can be helpful in mastering the methods of conference discussion and debate.


Leadership Positions >>

An essential part of each MAL conference is the student secretariat. Learn more about the responsibilities and benefits that come from serving in a secretariat position as well as information on how to apply for a position.


Arab Court of Justice >>

The Arab Court of Justice (ACJ) is a moot court created to provide Model Arab League student delegates an exercise in international law. Find the ACJ Statute and templates for court submissions, the current and past ACJ dockets, and international law research links.


Joint Cabinet Crisis >>

The Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC) is composed of two or more Cabinets which simulate government response to real-world crises. Find the JCC Handbook and current and past rosters.


Resolution Library >>

Top Resolutions from Model Arab League.