2015 Summer Intern MAL Agenda


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Council on Energy Affairs
CEA Background Guide
1. Considering the role of regional developments in nuclear energy with special attention given to its role in energy security and defense
2. Coordinating the regional energy market to promote efficiency, maximize trade benefits, and boost Arab cooperation
3. Exploring new energy technologies such as biotechnology in order to strengthen the energy market for both Arab suppliers and consumers

Council on Displaced People
CDP Background Guide
1. Supporting the accessibility of humanitarian goods and education for refugees and internally displaced people in the region
2. Discussing the political, military, and logistical implications of creating humanitarian safe zones in Syria
3. Establishing a basic common code of the ethics and legal rights with regards to the treatment of migrant and expatriate workers in the Arab League states

Council on Combating Militant Non-State Actors
CCMNA Background Guide
1. Developing strategies to support Arab nations under threat by militant groups through the development of multilateral military assistance mechanisms
2. Addressing the issue of private funding and material support for hostile militant groups that operate in the region
3. Discussing the ideological systems employed by extremist groups in propaganda and recruitment and radicalization of susceptible demographics

Joint Cabinet Crisis: Lebanese Political Alliances
JCC Background Guide
March 14 Alliance: Anti-Syrian regime alliance led by Saad Hariri, and includes the Future Movement (Sunni Muslim), the Lebanese Forces (Maronite Christian), the Kataeb Party (Maronite Christian, aka Phalangists), and a number of other smaller political parties spanning the ideological and religious spectrum

Cabinet Position Name
Leader of the Future Movement Saad Hariri
Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi
Minister of the Interior and Municipalities Nouhad Machnouk
Minister of State for Administrative Development Nabil de Freige
Supreme Leader of the Kataeb Party Sami Gemayel
Minister of Labour Sejaan Azzi
Minister of Economy and Trade Alain Hakim
President of Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea

March 8 Alliance: Pro-Syrian regime alliance which includes the Free Patriotic Movement (Maronite Christian), the Amal Party (Shia’ Muslim), Hezbollah (Shia’ Muslim), and a number of other smaller political parties spanning the ideological and religious spectrum

Cabinet Position Name
Leader of the Free Patriotic Movement Michel Aoun
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Gebran Bassil
Leader of the Amal Movement Nabih Berri
Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil
Leader of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc (Hezbollah) Mohammad Raad
Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammed Fneish
Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah
President of the Marada Movement Suleiman Frangieh Jr.






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