Leadership Positions


Council Chair Positions

Chairships will be filled first by students who apply before the Model, then those spots that are not filled during the application process will be open to election at the conference. We recommend that all students interested in chairing apply no later than 2 weeks before the Model. Chairing is a fantastic way to assume leadership responsibilities at Models and observe MAL behind the scenes.

Applicants for Chair positions must meet the following requirements:
• Previous participant in at least one university-level Model Arab League.
• Know the rules and procedures of Model Arab League.
• Have evidence of an organizational and administrative record and capacity.
• Willingness to work beyond the hours of the Council Sessions to make the Model function smoothly.

To apply for a chair position, please submit the application below:

Click to Apply Online


Applications will be accepted up until 2 weeks before the Model, at which point Chairs will be appointed.  Please submit all application materials to delaney@ncusar.org and hannah@ncusar.org.

Council Officer Positions – Non-Chair Positions

Ready to lead but not quite ready to Chair? There are several other intra-Council leadership opportunities open to all delegates. A list of these positions and their responsibilities can be found below:

Vice Chair

  • Assists the Chair as required
  • Assumes duties of the Chair at the request of the Chair or if for any other reason the Chair is unable to perform his or her duties
  • Assists the Rapporteur as needed in maintaining the speakers list, recording roll-call votes, and other duties as necessary to ensure a smooth flow of the Council proceedings and accurate record keeping
  • Coordinates the retyping of resolutions in the final, amended form, and sends passed resolutions to the Secretariat
  • Passes out draft resolutions after introduction
  • Performs duties in general that require time away from the Council


  • Maintains the speakers list
  • Assists the Chair in counting votes and manages roll-call vote forms
  • Maintains a log of all draft resolutions and amendments and their status (passed, failed, amended, tabled, etc.)


  • Advises the Chair upon request on matters of procedure
  • Serves as a reference resource for other Council members who may have questions on the Rules of Procedure
  • Must be an experienced delegate with a strong knowledge of parliamentary procedure and of the handbook


Any and all students that wish to observe and participate in the National University Model Arab League without serving as a delegate of a specific country on a specific Council are invited to join the National University MAL Press Corps. The Press Corps will report on the proceedings of the eight Councils, the Joint Cabinet Crisis, and the Arab Court of Justice. The Press Corps provides an opportunity for students with strong writing skills and creative abilities to immerse themselves in the issues being discussed at the Model in a unique way.

All students involved in the Press Corps will meet immediately after the Opening Session to delegate tasks and begin reporting. The Assistant Secretary General of Information, leader of the Press Corps, will work with the National Council prior to the National University MAL to devise a reporting plan. Past publications and reports have included a daily flyer and social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

The National Council reserves the right to review all material before publication.