Model Arab League Handbook

MAL Handbook 2024 Final (.pdf)

                                                                                       MAL Online Conferencing Handbook Appendix (.pdf)

MAL Online Conferencing Guide (.pdf)

The Handbook contains everything you will need to know about the Model Arab League program. The Handbook explains the rules of parliamentary procedure used in the MAL, introducing concepts and procedures sequentially to make learning easy for any student working alone or in a group. The MAL Handbook contains essential information including:

1. How to Organize and Plan for your MAL Team
2. What to Expect at an MAL Conference

3. Standards for Behavior and MAL Rules
4. Methods to Understand and Learn Parliamentary Procedure

5. Detailed Descriptions of the MAL Rules of Debate
6. Helpful Tools and Reference Materials

Additional Training Materials

The Model Arab League Handbook is the primary resource for understanding MAL parliamentary procedure but there are many ways for students and faculty to learn about and get introduced to parliamentary procedure. Visit the Parliamentary Procedure Resources page to find additional training materials.