Strategic Dynamics of Iran-GCC relations

John Duke Anthony – Strategic Dynamics of Iran-GCC relations (.pdf file)

This essay appeared in:
Seznec, Jean-Francois, and Mimi Kirk, eds. Industrialization in the Gulf: A socioeconomic revolution. New York: Routledge, 2011. 78-102.

Review of Industrialization in the Gulf: A socioeconomic revolution from The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research:

“Industrialization in the Gulf can neither be called a flash in the pan nor a thing of the past. It can be best described as a sustained process and a work in progress that has fulfilled the economic needs of the region amid rapidly changing socio-political circumstances. For that very reason the causes, dimensions and consequences of industrialization in the region have been carefully perused and dissected in recent years. The Routledge edition Industrialization in the Gulf – A socioeconomic revolution, edited by Jean-François Seznec and Mimi Kirk, does just that and comes out with flying colors…

The impressive economic growth in the Gulf may be tantamount to a modern day industrial revolution but the rosy picture is not etched in stone. It has to deal with the persistent uncertainty of oil prices, the prospects of attack on Iran and another major worldwide recession. Subsequent chapters deal with political economy and the contentious issue of Gulf-Iran relations. It is an exercise in looking at industrialization in the new era of regionalism. John Duke Anthony’s chapter on strategic dimensions of Iran-GCC relations is particularly noteworthy and a worthy read…

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