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Through participation in the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations’ Model Arab League (MAL) program students learn about the politics and history of the Arab world, and the arts of diplomacy and public speech. MAL helps prepare students to be knowledgeable, well-trained, and effective citizens as well as civic and public affairs leaders. As the National Council’s mission is educational, we welcome universities and high schools from across the United States to participate. Follow the links in the top menu bar and below to learn more about the program, find a Model in your region, or prepare to participate in the program.


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Spring 2022

In-person Youth Leadership Development Program / Model Arab League conferences will convene during the Spring 2022 semester at the discretion and under the rules of the host institution. If any in-person Model Arab League conferences become infeasible, at the discretion of the host institution they will be transitioned to online administration. Please contact the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations’ Student Programs Coordinator Katie Grandelli (katie@ncusar.org) if you have any questions or would like to discuss the matter further

Please check your regional conference listing for more information. 

July 2020

Conference hosts can now access additional resources through the “Host Planning” page under the “Conferences” tab on the MAL website. Starting in Fall 2020, hosts will need to complete forms for conference scheduling and stipend requests.

Access the host planning page by clicking HERE.

August 2020

Model Arab League now has training videos available to assist delegates as they prepare for their first MAL conference. Videos can be accessed on NCUSAR’s Student Program’s YouTube page HERE.

May 2020

For more information on conferences and training material, Model Arab League can now be found on YouTube and Twitter

Learn more about Model Arab League >>

Model Arab League is a diplomatic simulation and leadership development program. It is designed to give students insight into the Middle East and Arab world as well as build critical leadership skills from public speaking and writing to negotiation and compromise. Learn more about this unique program.

Find an MAL conference near you >>

Model Arab League conferences occur across the United States annually at both the university and high school level. Find a conference in your area or inquire about organizing a new conference.

Information for prospective participants >>

Interested in getting involved in the Model Arab League Program? Find out how to form a delegation, register for a conference, and more. 

Student and faculty resources >>

Find information and resources for students and faculty advisers participating in Model Arab League, including research materials, teaching resources, information on parliamentary procedure, and more.


Textbook suggestion: The Model Arab League Manual by Drs. Philip A. D’Agati and Holly Jordan >>

A guide to the program from two experienced alumni. Tips and ideas on topics including research, procedure, and maximizing the educational value of the experience.

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