2014 Washington, DC Summer Internship Program Pictures

The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations’ 2014 Washington, DC Summer Internship Program brought 25 undergraduate and graduate students to the nation’s capital for a unique ten-week professional, academic, and career exploration opportunity. As always, the program featured a demanding mix of professional involvement, intellectual challenge, and cultural encounters designed to provide interns with a rich and varied experience during their time in Washington. Interns were placed with one of over a dozen Near East and Arab world-related organizations in Washington, where they worked full-time under the direct supervision of their host organizations. Interns also took part in twice-weekly seminar sessions designed to provide them with greater depth of knowledge about the Arab world, to underscore the cultural, economic, and political diversity of Arab states, and to explore the intricacies of Arab-U.S. relations. Additionally, interns received a behind-the-scenes look at many of the central institutions of federal government, national security policymaking, international diplomacy, and international business.

Some pictures from the 2014 Washington, DC Summer Internship Program are available below.

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