About the National Council Analyses & Assessments Series

When the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations was established in 1983 and announced that its mission would be education, it stated that serving as a clearinghouse for information and insight would be one of its functions. To that end, the Council is delighted to highlight this online article series titled “National Council Analyses and Assessments.”

The series regularly features a concise article on an aspect of U.S.-Arab relations or the Arab world, from Morocco to the Gulf. The authors hail from across the globe. Each has deep knowledge, and all have lived experience of the Arab world. The series attempts to deliver unique analyses and views on contemporary affairs and policies. It also seeks to provide a forum for pieces on broader issues such as women’s rights, climate change, and economic reform.

Readers have various outlets from which to choose for material on the Arab world and U.S. foreign relations. With that in mind, the series’ purpose is to furnish readers with exceptional, thoughtful, and timely content difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. Each piece is chosen and edited with careful consideration of the issues at hand and an appropriate specialist to examine them.

The National Council’s hope is that as many people as possible will become regular and avid readers of the series. To that end, anyone’s and everyone’s comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.