Arab-U.S. Business, Finance, & Human Resource Development – 2014 Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference

The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations23rd Annual Arab U.S.-Policymakers Conference included a session on “Arab-U.S. Business, Finance, & Human Resource Development” that featured Mr. John Pratt, Ambassador (Ret.) Patrick Theros, Ms. Nahlah A. Al-Jubeir, Mr. Nathan Regan, Mr. Steve Lutes, Dr. J. W. Wright, and Mr. Titus Johnson.

An audio and video recording of the session as well as a link to the transcript are available below. Videos of the entire 2014 conference are available on YouTube and podcasts of the conference are available through iTunes and FeedBurner.

Transcript (.pdf)

Audio (.mp3)