The Gulf Cooperation Council at 31: Implications of Trends and Indications for GCC and US Interests

May 24, 2012
Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center, Washington, DC


Participating specialists:

Dr. Odeh Aburdene, President, OAI Advisors; and Senior Advisor, Capital Trust S.A.

Ms. Randa Fahmy Hudome, President, Fahmy Hudome International; and Member of the Board of Directors, National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations.

Mr. Andrew Rabens, Special Advisor for Youth Engagement, Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Bureau of Near East Affairs, U.S. Department of State Department.

Mr. Robert Sharp, Associate Professor, Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies, U.S. Department of Defense/National Defense University.

Ms. Molly Williamson, former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S.
Departments of Commerce and Defense, former Acting Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of State, former Senior Foreign Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy, and Distinguished Scholar-In-Residence, National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations.

Mr. Joshua Yaphe, Arabian Peninsula analyst, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State.


Dr. John Duke Anthony, Founding President and CEO, National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations; and Member, U.S. Department of State Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy and its subcommittees on Sanctions and Trade and Investment.


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