Geo-Political Dynamics (IV): Syria and Lebanon – 2009 Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference


Chair: Ms. Martha Kessler − Former intelligence officer, Central Intelligence Agency working on the Middle East and South Asia; multiple positions throughout the Directorate of Intelligence, serving three tours on the National Intelligence Council; consultant to multiple United States government agencies on the Near East and South Asia; and author of, among other works, Syria: Fragile Mosaic of Power.


H.E. Dr. Imad Moustapha − Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United States; former Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Damascus; former consultant to international and regional organizations on science and technology policy in the Middle East.

Dr. Laurie E. King − Former Managing Editor, Journal of Palestine Studies; Adjunct Professor, Arab Studies Program, Georgetown University; and former Professor, Lebanese-American University.

Dr. Graeme Bannerman − International Elections Observer for Lebanon (once) and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (three times); Founder, Bannerman Associates, a political consultancy firm specializing in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern countries; and former Staff Director, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Committee’s Professional Staff Member for Middle East and South Asia Affairs.

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