Text Box: NC: How have you seen the Model benefit others?
JC: People who had little to no knowledge of the Middle East end up learning a vast amount while dispelling some of the misconceptions they had about the area and its people. Those new to Arab issues are among those who benefit most.
NC: In what way has the Model Arab League influenced your career goals?
Before my experience with the MAL, my career goals lacked direction. However, through the MAL I  found a subject that very much interests me; having enrolled in AUCís graduate program focusing on the international relations of the Middle East, I hope to obtain a job in that field. 
Text Box: other ways as well. The belief that all Arabs have the same opinions about an issue is a myth.  My experience with the Models demonstrated the exact opposite.
NC: How did your participation in the Model Arab League influence your decision to attend the American University in Cairo (AUC)?
JC: Last year AUC won an outstanding delegation  award for its representation of the small and little known Arab country of Djibouti. That was impressive and said much about AUC. Since I was already interested in the Middle East, AUC seemed a good choice. It combined a quality education with hands-on experience.

Text Box: WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 2003 ó James Cargo is a first year graduate student in international relations at the American University of Cairo. While an undergrad at Miami University (OH), James participated in four Models: twice at the Ohio Regional and twice at the National Model. He was a part of the honorable mention Miami University delegation representing Saudi Arabia in 2002 and their Outstanding Delegation performance in 2003 representing Iraq. 
NC: Why did you first begin to participate in the MAL?
JC: As a member of the Miami University Forensics team, I have always been interested in debate. I was not interested in the Middle East per se, but a friend was a part of the team. He knew I was a debater and figured I would enjoy the model. Since then, I became actively involved with both the Model and the Middle Eastern Studies program at Miami University.
NC: How has the Model Arab League expanded your knowledge of the Arab world ?
JC: For my work in the Ministers of the Interior, I had to research foreign labor and other issues about which I had previously known very little.  What I learned was how diverse the Arab World is culturally, politically, geographically, and in many Text Box: Spotlight on MAL Alumni: 
An Interview with James Cargo (Miami University, Ď03)
Text Box: Checked the MAL website   recently? 

Use it to find the handbook, publicity posters, pictures of past MALs, and much more:

Text Box: December 2003

Compiled by Shawn Romer
Text Box: Model Arab League
Alumni Newsletter
Text Box: Volume 1, Issue 1

James Cargo (far right, back row), together with his Miami University colleagues upon receiving the outstanding delegation award for Iraq at the National University Model in April 2003.

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