GulfWire, a publication of the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations and the U.S.-GCC Corporate Cooperation Committee, debuted in July 1999 as a weekly emailed newsletter followed in November 1999 by its companion web site, The combination allowed thousands of professionals who follow developments in the Gulf region to receive a comprehensive source of news, business and analysis in their email inbox, as well as having an on-line repository for archives and related resources.

In 2001 the GulfWire e-newsletter was renamed GulfWire Digest and two new resources were added to the family: GulfWire Perspectives, an e-newsletter providing material too lengthy for the Digest, such as essays, background briefings, transcripts and insightful analytical reports; and the Voices of the Region, an e-newsletter providing commentary from leading figures and media in the Gulf region.

The National Council ceased publication of GulfWire in 2004, but the GulfWire archives from 1999 to 2004 can still be accessed at

GulfWire Archive