Crisis Yemen: Going Where?

On June 26, 2012, the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, the U.S.-GCC Corporate Cooperation Committee, and the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (U.S. Department of Defense/National Defense University) hosted “Crisis Yemen: Going Where?” at the City Club in Washington, DC. Participating specialists were: Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Mr. Gregory Johnsen, Dr. Charles Schmitz, and Mr. Robert Sharp. National Council Founding President and CEO Dr. John Duke Anthony served as moderator.

Links to a podcast and video recording of the program are available below. The podcast, along with recordings of other National Council programs, is also available through iTunes:

“Crisis Yemen: Going Where?” podcast (.mp3)

Gulf in the News – June 20, 2012

The Ghalib al-Zayadi Problem

Source: Gregory Johnsen, Waq al Waq (Read full story)

Over the past few years as I’ve thought about al-Qaeda, Yemen and US policy I have returned time and time again to what I have termed “the Ghalib al-Zayadi problem.”

Basically, this is the idea that just because someone in Yemen has a beard, carries a gun and talks about Islamic law doesn’t mean that he is a member of al-Qaeda.

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Background, Context, and Perspective on Yemen

YemenOn May 22, Yemen marked its National Day in the aftermath of a suicide bombing in al-Sabin Square in Sanaa, which claimed the lives of more than 90 soldiers and injured 222 people. Earlier this month, Fahed al-Quso, an alleged planner of the USS Cole attack in 2000 and a top al-Qaida leader, was killed in an air strike by a US drone. In light of such events and the ongoing national and international focus on Yemen, the National Council is pleased to provide the following materials for background, context, and perspective.