League of Arab States Secretary-General to Address Youth Leadership Development Program

Groundbreaking National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations Event


Students in the Youth Leadership Development Program / Model Arab League role-play as diplomats representing different Arab countries. As they analyze and address issues from a perspective different than their own, they dramatically improve their ability to think critically and empathetically.

Washington, D.C.: During the final weekend in March, the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (“National Council” / “Council”) will host the leader of the Arab region’s oldest regional organization. His Excellency Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States (“Arab League”), will address the Council’s forthcoming 38th Annual National Youth Leadership Development / Model Arab League Conference. The Secretary-General will make remarks to the Council’s student-led forum virtually from the League’s headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

Background and Context

Each school year, the National Council convenes as many as 25 different Youth Leadership Development Program / Model Arab League conferences. The forums are held in more than 20 cities throughout the United States, reaching a large and diverse collection of future American and Arab leaders.

Since its establishment 38 years ago, the National Council’s Youth Leadership Development Program has produced over 50,000 alumni. Many of the former participants now serve as elected and appointed leaders, prominent diplomats, national security analysts, commanders in the United States and other countries’ armed forces, international media correspondents, international business executives, and a broad range of other roles and positions where they work to sustain and deepen the Arab-U.S. relationship.

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