Gulf in the News – August 9, 2013

KSA arrests 2 suspects plotting terror attacks

Source: The Saudi Gazette (Read full story)

Saudi Arabian security authorities have arrested two suspects planning suicide attacks in the Kingdom.They were arrested for exchanging information about imminent suicide attacks in the region. The two, one from Chad and the other a Yemeni, are being interrogated after their arrest in relation to conversations they had on social media forums with militants abroad, a Security Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior said Thursday. One of the suspects, the Chadian national, was deported from the country but had returned to Saudi Arabia with a passport from another country. He along with the Yemeni national were serving deviant thought.

Yemenis fearful as US attacks on Al Qaeda grow

Source: The National (Read full story)


The closures were reportedly triggered by the interception of a secret message between Al Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri and Nasser Al Wahishi, the leader of Aqap, about plans for a major attack. For their part, Yemeni authorities said on Wednesday that they had uncovered Al Qaeda plots to target foreign embassies and international shipping lanes in the Red Sea. Some of those allegations, issued by government spokesmen, were later denied by the state news agency, reinforcing recent suggestions that the drone war is eroding the credibility of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The US has given US$150 million (Dh550m) to Yemen in recent years, most of it to fund training by US special forces for Yemen’s counter-terrorism units.

NA chooses members of permanent committees

Source: Kuwait Times (Read full story)

 Members of the permanent committees at Kuwait’s parliament were elected according to article no. 93 of the constitution during the first regular session of the 14th legislative term, held Tuesday. The National Assembly (parliament) is composed of several parliamentary committees, each serving a different area. These committees are crucial to the legislative and oversight processes as it is through these committees that bills are first discussed, investigations are conducted, and ordinary citizen concerns are raised.

Saudi Arabia gives $100m for global counter-terror centre

Source: Khaleej Times (Read full story)

Reaffirming his country’s determination to combat terrorism, The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, has donated $100 million for supporting the international counterterrorism centre under the UN. In a joint Eid Al Fitr message with Crown Prince Salman, King Abdullah said: “Terrorism threatens global peace and stability.” He also called for joint international efforts to fight terrorism without any leniency toward militants and their sponsors. “We should understand that terrorism will not disappear within a limited period. So we have to be prepared for a long fight with terrorism. “Whenever we try to tighten the noose it could become increasingly aggressive and violent. But we have strong faith in God that it would be defeated,” the message said.

GCC measurement meet to boost SMEs

Source: Times of Oman (Read full story)

The Gulf Cooperation Council Measurement Commission (GCCMC) will organise a  symposium in September at the Saudi city of Abha on the role of measurement activities in developing exports and supporting the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The symposium will be organised in collaboration with the Saudi Chambers Board and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with the 30th meeting of the Technical Board of the GCCMC. The GCCMC aims to highlight the various measurement-related activities and their importance in protecting the consumer’s health and ensuring their safety, safeguarding the environment, and the national economy.