Gulf in the News – September 24, 2012

Is aid good for Yemen?

Source: The Guardian (Read full story)

The Yemeni government, and the international community, seem to view aid as essential to Yemen’s future development. Yet there is an ongoing debate among Yemenis about just how beneficial aid is proving to be. The debate is pitched in familiar terms – is aid good for the country in the long-term? How can aid organisations overcome the problems posed by corrupt institutions and inefficient bureaucracies?

GCC countries: major donors but no prominent presence

Source: Gulf News (Read full story)

The six Arab Gulf Countries are the biggest donors of humanitarian aid world-wide after the industrial nations. Yet, their presence at the different organisations of the United Nations (UN) doesn’t reflect their generous contributions, a Saudi-researcher said.

Khalid Al Yahya, Director of Governance and Public Policy at the Dubai School of Government and a fellow at Harvard University, told a recent meeting on humanitarian work held in Kuwait that the Gulf states have offered aid, in some cases during catastrophes, that was more than that submitted by other countries around the globe.

New TV channel to broadcast opposition news, projects – Al-Saadoun to be main speaker at Iradah Square

Source: Kuwait Times (Read full story)

The TV station is to be named after an opposition group with the same name which oversees demonstrations held against a potential action by the Cabinet to amend the electoral law. “Nahj TV is going to be the platform from which the opposition broadcasts its news and announces its projects”, Al-Dajoum said, further describing the channel’s goals in “refuting the organized campaign of making accusations without proof against the bloc’s members”. And while indicating that the bloc plans to meet tomorrow at Dr Hamad Al-Mutar’s dewaniya to discuss the next step to be taken after the court’s ruling, Al-Dahoum reiterated the bloc’s position in “planning to boycott elections if any tampering with the constituencies is made”.


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