Gulf in the News – July 18, 2012

UAE, US authorities investigate shooting by a US navy ship in waters off Dubai

Source: Gulfnews (Read full story)

Authorities in the UAE and the US Navy are investigating a United States navy oil-supply vessel’s firing on a fishing boat off the coast of Jebel Ali, killing an Indian fisherman and critically injuring three other men, officials said.

“The UAE’s authorities are investigating [the incident],” Wam quoted Dr Tareq Ahmad Al Hidan, political affairs assistant to the Foreign Minister, as saying.

According to a US military official a US navy vessel fired upon a small motor vessel on Monday off the coast of Dubai after the motor vessel “disregarded warnings and rapidly approached the US ship.

Opposition announces ‘declaration for nation’’

Source: Kuwait Times (Read full story)

Khalfia said that to achieve social and political justice, there should be a single constituency where all Kuwaiti voters have equal rights, adding that Kuwait is protected from the Arab Spring protests by the 1962 constitution. A member of the scrapped 2012 assembly, Faisal Al-Yahya said that after 50 years of issuing the constitution, it had not been fully implemented. He said that Kuwait is at an important juncture that requires a civilized transformation to adopt a full parliamentary system and an elected government.

‘Playing Ball’ With Saudi Women

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Months of speculations, anticipation and negotiations came to an end last Thursday, when it was finally announced that Saudi women athletes will be participating at the 2012 Olympics. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei were the only three countries in the world that didn’t have female participation during Beijing 2008. The latter two were quicker to confirm that they will be allowing women to go to London where the Olympic Games are scheduled to open later this month; whereas the negotiations with Riyadh took slightly longer to come to fruition.

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