Gulf in the News – June 7, 2012

GCC must mobilize resourcesto help Syrians: Prince Saud

Source: Arab News (read full story)

Speaking at a meeting of the GCC Ministerial Council, Prince Saud called on GCC countries to “to use their resources to … enable the Syrian people to defend themselves against the murderous and destructive machine of the government.”

“The killing and torture of civilians has continued,” said the minister, adding that the GCC must find a “quick solution to this crisis.”

The prince denounced the regime’s oppressive practices against its people. “We have started losing hope in finding a solution for the Syria crisis within the framework of the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan,” he said.

UAE keen on stability of Lebanon: Khalifa

Source: Khaleej Times ( read full story)

The President asserted the UAE’s keenness to see the people of Lebanon achieve security and stability, and to promote opportunities and efforts to achieve growth and prosperity in Lebanon.

“We are always solicitous to achieve the best by expanding the prospects of joint cooperation and benefit from the opportunities existing in both countries to serve mutual interests and welfare of both peoples,” Shaikh Khalifa said.

The Lebanese President expressed happiness over the opportunity to visit the UAE and meet President Shaikh Khalifa. He praised the UAE’s unwavering stand towards Lebanon that reflect the prudent vision and policy of its leadership. He also noted the great support UAE lends Lebanon in different situations.

Iran moves ‘raising tension in Gulf’

Source: Gulf Daily News  (read full story)

Saudi Arabia said yesterday that Iran’s nuclear programme has increased threats to the Gulf and urged Tehran to co-operate with world powers to defuse tension after talks last month failed to achieve a breakthrough.

Western nations and Gulf Arab states suspect that the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy programme is a camouflaged attempt to develop the means to produce nuclear weapons.

Talks last month between Iran and six world powers over its nuclear ambitions ended without an agreement but the sides decided to reconvene in Moscow on June 18-19 in another effort to bridge the longstanding dispute.

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