Gulf in the News – June 11, 2012

India becomes top exporter to GCC

Source: Emirates 24/7 (Read full story)

India became the largest exporter to Gulf oil producers in 2010 after overtaking the region’s long-standing top Western suppliers, banking on its strong political ties with those countries, competitive products and its proximity to the area.

China, which was a negligible trade partner of the region two decades ago, emerged as the second largest exporter to the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 2010, according to a Qatari bank study.

Qatar to give $1.25bn to fund

Source: Gulf Times (Read full story)

Qatar will soon contribute $1.25bn to a Gulf Co-operation Council fund for projects in Jordan, The Jordan Times reported, citing Jafar Hassan, Jordan’s minister of planning and international cooperation.

Qatar is interested in supporting development projects in energy, healthcare and transportation, including a gas storage terminal, Hassan said, according to the newspaper.

Key forum to probe security challenges facing GCC states

Source: Gulf Daily News (Read full story)

His Majesty’s Adviser for diplomatic affairs and DERASAT board of trustees’ chairman Dr Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar said that the conference would discuss three important issues pertaining to current events and their repercussions in the region. They are security arrangements between the USA, the UK and the GCC countries, Iran’s nuclear programme and political unrest in the region.

Issues of newly-emerging political Islam movements in the aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring will also figure in the discussions.

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