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The majority of students participate in MAL through a team established at their school. The form allows these teams to register online to receive one or more country assignments - a National Council staff member will contact you following your registration to confirm. Teams are expected to represent their assigned country(s) on all Councils to be held at their chosen conference. Students whose school does not have an established MAL team may register as individuals by clicking this link: If you are having any problems with this form, please email Please note that for a school to participate in the National University MAL, it must be invited to do so by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations. Countries at the National University MAL are allocated first to returning schools, with any remaining unfilled spots given to schools on a wait-list. If a school wishes to participate in the National University MAL but did not participate the previous year, it should contact Megan Geissler at to be placed on the National University MAL wait-list.
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First, please indicate the number of countries your school would like to represent, which should be based on the number of participants at your school. Each country may be represented by one or two delegates in each council. Check the conference webpage to see how many councils will convene at your conference. EXAMPLE: for a conference with 5 councils - 5 Delegates = 1 Country - 7 Delegates = 1 Country - 10 Delegates = 1 or 2 Countries - 11 Delegates = 2 Countries - 15 Delegates = 2 or 3 Countries Second, estimate the total number of delegates your school expects to bring to the conference. Third, rank each of the 22 Arab League member countries in order of your preference. The National Council will assign you the number of countries you indicate below based on your order of preference and whether your school has represented those countries in recent years.


High School Models: $30/country, $20/student Regional University Models: $60/ country, $30/student National University Model (DC): $70/country, $45/student (in hotel), $35/student (commuting participants)

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